Chord Magic 201 – Beyond Beginner Chords

Welcome to Chord Magic 201 – Beyond Beginner Chords. So what exactly does “beyond beginner” mean?

I specifically created this course for the student that can play basic open chords and is ready to stretch and learn some new chord forms. To get the most from this course you should be able to play most open major and minor chords such as G, Am, E, D, C, Em and so on.

You don’t have to play bar chords yet. In fact, I deliberately didn’t include bar chords in this course. I wanted to show you the wealth of chord color that you can create without using a bar. In the section on “Solving Problem Chords” I’ll even show you some ways to play several what could be considered “bar chords” without a bar.

In the section “Fun and Interesting Chords” I’ve included many chords that I like to use that have a lot of color. They are chords that sound particularly good on the guitar and are used often in modern guitar music.

You’ll learn several “slash” chords that get their unique sound by putting a different note in the bass. You’ll also learn how to play diminished chords, three note chords, Major 7 chords and, my favorite, suspended chords.

In the final section, you’ll learn jazzy chords. These can be some of the more challenging, but we’ll take them step-by-step. We’ll put them together into cool sounding chord progressions like building blocks. This makes it fun to practice. It also helps you to use the chords more effectively.

I’ve also included several 5-Minute Practice Sessions in this course. If you’re not familiar with them they are five-minute video sessions that I’ve created for you to play along with. This is similar to what I would do with a student in the live lesson when I have them play along with me.

If you’re not familiar with 5-Minute Practice Sessions you might be missing out … learn more about how to use them in this section.

I strongly encourage you to use them. You’ll find that it not only gives you a visual cue of where you’re supposed to be but also it helps you work on your timing. Guitar students are notorious for slowing down and speeding up when changing chords.

As with most of the lessons you’ll likely get the most out of this course by going through it step-by-step. It’s okay to skip a section if you find that it’s something you’re not particularly interested in or you feel it’s too easy. Consider at least reviewing all sections because I’ve included many tidbits of knowledge and tips along the way that will help you in all aspects of your playing.

Okay, enough talking for now. Let’s get started learning some new chords.

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