#9 Getting Accountability

To help make your commitments stick get it out of your head. Get a guitar buddy or find a group that can help hold you accountable.

A guitar buddy could be a friend or family member that is also learning guitar.

A group would be an online community of other guitar students like the Real Guitar Success community.

Just having others to discuss your progress will help you stay motivated. An even more powerful way to use this connection is to ask others to hold you accountable to your commitment.

It will go something like this…

First talk over with your guitar buddy or with members of your online community what you want to do. In this case you want them to know that you’re committed to completing 30 days of your Daily Guitar Ritual.

Then, with their permission, send an email (or post on a forum) every day right after you complete your Daily Guitar Ritual.

Does this sound a little scary?

It should. It means someone else will know if you didn’t keep your commitment. That’s why it works… well, in part anyways.

There’s another part. You also have others to share in your success and you will experience acknowledgment from them. Acknowledgement could be someone saying “you did good”, or even just you knowing that they know. This aspect is probably more powerful than most people realize.

The advantage of having other guitar learners do this with you is that you can return the favor. They will also hopefully feel more compassionate if you struggle from time to time and offer some encouragement. You are actually all in this together… Cheering on each other’s success.


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