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Brandon B.

Good morning, Tomas,

I am more than happy to help any way I can..

Finger picking with and without a pick is my original interests although seeing your strumming style, has me excited to learn!!

As far as “Latin Guitar”, I think with my lack of guitar knowledge, I am using Latin somewhat as an umbrella term..  Guitar styles from Cuba and South America  is something that I have an interest in, as well, and I do not know if what they play would be considered “Spanish” guitar.

The lessons you posted, in your reply, is exactly what I am wanting to be able to play in due time..  The first 2 lessons are over my head, at this point,  however, the last lesson, “Spanish fingerpicking guitar” is a lot closer to my level of playing..

Does this help any??  If not, let me know, I will try again!


I love Arkansas and the Ozark mountains, as many people do.  This is a hidden paradise for a lot of us..  Music is still a major source of entertainment around here. We appreciate talent like yours….  Just saying..


Take care,

Brandon B.