Reply To: Hi, I'm Graham


Hi Tomas & Jack,

Thanks for your welcome messages. I would have replied earlier but was not sure (& still am not!) whether this is the right place to do it. I’m really enjoying the course – better for me and more fun than the Great Courses “Learning To Play Guitar” by Dr Colin McAllister, which I bought before I came across RGS.  However, no doubt I will find Dr McAllister’s course useful in the long run.

Thanks for the loom message, Tomas. It’s the first time I’ve come across the system. Must investigate the pricing arrangements with a view to using it myself occasionally. I have to spend one week this month and the whole of January in Prague receiving proton therapy treatment. As it won’t be practical to take my guitar with me I’m trying to find out where I can hire one there as I will have plenty of spare time to practice.  At home my time is very limited as I do a lot of medical charity and other voluntary work.