Reply To: Hi, I'm Kipp



Thanks for the shout out!  Here’s a little more about me.  I have been playing for about 8 months, first watching youtube vids then I took 2 months of private lessons.  I quite the lessons because the teacher didn’t really follow a set plan.  I’m 55 and he is 26. I said to him, I want to learn to play “Dust in the Wind” and he said sure.  Not taking into account that my skill level wasn’t ready for that.  I ran across your videos and liked them.  That’s why I joined up.  I do like the systematic approach to learning.  I am going through the Beginners Journey.

One other big thing about me is that I’m legally blind and can’t see sheet music  I do it all from memory.  I figured that if Jose’ Felisiano can play, so can I, right?

See you around, Kipp