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    I don’t know if this question belongs here

    Sometimes I don’t have my guitar with me and I would like to be able to practice.

    Any suggestions that might help.  I have seen something called JAMSTIK  but I don’t know much about it.

    Any advice would be welcome.








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    Hi JoAnn,

    One of my staff brought this to my attention about a month ago. I have mixed feelings.

    I think for an experienced guitarist this might be a way to aid in a kind of mental practice. This is proven to be helpful in sports, and sometimes as effective as actual practice.

    For a beginner I’m not sure how much benefit it will be since you can’t actually hear the notes. There are so many subtle things going on in the beginning that you need to know based on the sound.

    If possible my preference would be to have a small guitar that you could take around for  practice like the Yamaha JR-2.

    On the other hand if you really can’t bring even a small guitar where you’re going I think this couldn’t hurt… And it’s pretty cheap.



    Oops… my mistake. I was thinking of the Pocket Guitar.

    The JAMSTIK is quite expensive and I guess can be heard with earphones. I’d have to try it myself before giving a real opinion. I read the reviews and some people like it and some don’t.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


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