Saying Hello from the Ozark Mountains.

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    Brandon B.

    Just a really quick Hello to Tomas and everyone else.

    My name is Brandon,

    Currently I live in north central Arkansas, about an hour from Branson, where there is a lot of great musicians of different kinds.  Groups of string players getting together on Saturday night in the middle of town or at home, is something that still happens here in the Ozarks, often.  I have listened for many years and want to join in one day.   I love your style Tomas and I would like to learn from you…


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    Hi Brandon,

    Welcome aboard. Wow… Sounds cool having jam sessions in the middle of town.

    I’m honored you chose me as your guitar teacher. I look forward to helping you achieve your guitar playing goals.

    Please feel free to let me know here in the community forum any ways that I can help you. You’ll find a lot of other support here as well.

    Bye for now Brandon,



    Alan Wayne

    Hi Brandon,

    I’m Alan from South Florida. Nice to meet you!

    Sounds like you live in a really cool place. If I had known about your town sooner, I probably would have made a special trip to Arkansas when my Brother in law lived there!

    What type of music are you interested in playing? Whatever it is, from my experience, you selected the right teacher!

    Wishing you all the best.




    High Brandon welcome.

    I once visited a buddy who had a place on the Lake of he Ozarks.

    He loaned us a car and we went to Branson but did not fall in love

    with concert scene. So we went to the hot springs just across the boarder

    there toride the train. At least I can say we were in Arkansas.

    Hey we have a great place here with Tomas.

    Nice to meet you

    Jack from Hereford, AZ


    Brandon B.

    Hi Alan,

    The Ozarks will be here if you ever make it this way, it is worth the trip, for most of us…  Around here there is a lot of Doulcimer, Banjo’s and Guitar players that play the folk music, country and bluegrass from this area and what not..    My passion seems to be more of the Latin type playing, although I am just starting to learn.


    Hi Jack,

    The concert scene is not for everyone around here, no worries…   The big rivers and lakes are what most people move here for.  Most of my friends thought I lost my mind when I moved from Denver Colorado to Flippin Arkansas!!  No joke…


    Thank you all, for the Welcome, I am really excited to be learning from Tomas!

    Brandon B.







    My sister in law moved to Arkansas with her family. My wife is close with her sister so will probably end up coming your way before too long to visit.

    Latin guitar… That got my attention.

    I’d love to know more about what you call Latin guitar and what kinds of things you’d like to learn.

    My intention is to add a lot more lessons in the style of Latin guitar, but I want to know what people want to learn as opposed to what I feel like teaching.

    If you’re willing to give some feedback I will seriously take it into account as I create new lessons.

    I do have several Latin guitar lessons on this website already. Unfortunately they may not be right for the early stages of play guitar.

    Here’s one lesson:

    Soft Rumba – Latin Fingerstyle Rhythm & Chords

    Here’s another short course on rumba Flamenco (the style I’m best known for is a recording artist):

    New Flamenco Guitar Mini Course

    Spanish Fingerpicking (I think this is fine for early stages):

    Spanish Fingerpicking Guitar



    Brandon B.

    Good morning, Tomas,

    I am more than happy to help any way I can..

    Finger picking with and without a pick is my original interests although seeing your strumming style, has me excited to learn!!

    As far as “Latin Guitar”, I think with my lack of guitar knowledge, I am using Latin somewhat as an umbrella term..  Guitar styles from Cuba and South America  is something that I have an interest in, as well, and I do not know if what they play would be considered “Spanish” guitar.

    The lessons you posted, in your reply, is exactly what I am wanting to be able to play in due time..  The first 2 lessons are over my head, at this point,  however, the last lesson, “Spanish fingerpicking guitar” is a lot closer to my level of playing..

    Does this help any??  If not, let me know, I will try again!


    I love Arkansas and the Ozark mountains, as many people do.  This is a hidden paradise for a lot of us..  Music is still a major source of entertainment around here. We appreciate talent like yours….  Just saying..


    Take care,

    Brandon B.







    Yes, this is very helpful Brandon.

    As you probably saw I’ve added a monthly Practice Challenge with different themes. Maybe I could make the theme Latin/Spanish guitar one month?

    Also I could do a live training on Latin/Spanish guitar rhythms?



    Alan Wayne


    I think your suggestions to Brandon would be a great way to learn – I also would enjoy this.

    Warm reguards from South Florida!



    Brandon B.


    First of all, after having had some time with your courses, I could not say enough good things about all of the hard work you have done with your program.  It really works for me…

    So, Yup, I definitely agree with you and Alan on the Latin/Spanish Guitar courses.  Sounds exciting!  The monthly challenge we are working on now, has already been a great help to me..  and not frustrating!  I really think they are great ideas.

    Thank you for the Cup!!  I really enjoyed my coffee this morning, enjoying the views of the Ozarks!!

    Time to practice!!


    Brandon B.




    Thanks Brandon.

    Check out the recording of the live training I did today. It will compliment the monthly challenge lessons.


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