RGS Live #64 Q & A | Changing Keys On Guitar Made EASY


What an amazing time we had at the latest RGS Live Q&A session! I started right out the gate with a very popular question that I’ve received from many of my guitar students.

That question was, “How do I change the key of a song“? It’s actually really easy to do, especially if you have my key change chord chart to help you at first (see the link below!).

Besides this topic we covered the circle of 5ths, pentatonic scales, strumming with a pick, transitioning between chords, and more!

Don’t worry if you missed this months RGS Live, it’s every first Thursday of the month. Next months RGS Live will be on December 1st at 12 pm PDT/ 3 pm EDT- we all hope to see you there!

Links Mentioned:

Get Your Copy of the Key Change Chord Chart>>

G Major Pentatonic Scale>>

F Chord Made Easy>>


Links Mentioned (MEMBERS ONLY):

For extra help with Bar Chords, check out this RGS course! Bar Chords for Everyone>>

Want to improve your improv skills? Get started here! Improvisation Fasttrack 101>>


Need Additional Help With Changing Song Keys, Bar Chords, Pentatonic Scales and more?

Try out my 14-day trial at Real Guitar Success. I can help you in a variety of different skill areas on guitar. You can pick and choose what courses you want to try out to get the most benefit in your guitar playing abilities. Hope to see you there!

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