Chord Magic 202 – Latin Jazz Adventure

This course is for those who already play basic chords and want to expand their chord repertoire. Learn intermediate jazzy chords in a fun way as well as a basic bossa nova rhythm and chord progression. Chord Magic 201 is recommended by not required.

Chord Magic 201 – Beyond Beginner Chords

** NO BAR CHORDS** Ready to stretch beyond the open “folk” chords? This is the next step. We’ll start off with “problem chords”, alternate ways of playing "bar chords", and "Fun and Interesting Chords”. Then comes “slash” chords, Diminished chords, "Jazzy Chords" and more.

Changing Keys (& Capo Magic)

Using a capo is a valuable skill for anyone learning guitar. One of the most important uses is to raise or lower the pitch of a song to make it easier to sing along. This is a skill that will serve you well throughout your guitar journey.

1st Fretboard Adventure – Theory

This short course will give you a solid foundation in music theory that you can build on.  Each lesson is designed to be practical and something you can apply directly to playing the guitar.